The Battle Of The Apps: Instagram vs. TikTok

Unless you are so old-school, you do not even use a smartphone, chances are high that you are managing both Instagram and TikTok.

But what is the real difference between the two mobile apps that focus on visual content 100%?

Today, we will give you an insight view between the app behemoths that everyone is talking about.

In fact, lately, there is more chat about TikTok than Insta.

Does that mean that Instagram is dying?


10 Top Brands On Instagram (Learn From The Best)

Whether you are just starting on Instagram or already own an established account, studying top brands on Instagram is crucial. Not only will they help you gain new inspiration, but you might also find what’s currently trending.

Of course, what works for someone does not necessarily mean it will work for you, too. With that in mind, you might need to test out all sorts of different approaches to find what sparks the engagement the most.

Investigating what leading brands, companies and individuals do on this social media behemoth will help you march toward success with your Instagram marketing technique.

In the collection below, we will take a peek at ten top brands on Instagram, both actual companies and individuals who are absolutely killing it.


5 Ways To Successfully Promote Instagram Posts For Free

If you are starting fresh on Instagram, the chances are high that you would want to promote your posts for free.

With a platform, like Instagram, you know it keeps on regularly improving, offering new features and functions to its users.

However, this means you need to keep updating yourself with what is hot continuously, so you are not left behind. In other words, what worked for some in the past does not mean it will work for you if starting today.