10 Top Brands On Instagram (Learn From The Best)

Whether you are just starting on Instagram or already own an established account, studying top brands on Instagram is crucial. Not only will they help you gain new inspiration, but you might also find what’s currently trending.

Of course, what works for someone does not necessarily mean it will work for you, too. With that in mind, you might need to test out all sorts of different approaches to find what sparks the engagement the most.

Investigating what leading brands, companies and individuals do on this social media behemoth will help you march toward success with your Instagram marketing technique.

In the collection below, we will take a peek at ten top brands on Instagram, both actual companies and individuals who are absolutely killing it.

Of course, there are like a hundred if not thousand(s) more Insta accounts that are crushing it today as well. That said, you might check back in the future to see who else we added to the list that will help you expand your creative thinking even further.


With the following in millions, LEGO brings to the table fun and super interesting way of sharing content with their audience. One thing is for sure, you do not need to be a kid to love LEGO. Sure, the brand might be focusing a lot on their new releases and characters, but they have loads more satisfying material that caters to all age groups. In short, if you are not following LEGO yet, you are doing something wrong.

2. Vans

While street style, skateboarding and other extreme sports are what drives Vans forward, their Instagram account is packed with awesomeness. From trendy and lifestyle shots to action clips of dudes doing kickflips and whatnot, it is all there, neatly packed in one account. And when Vans launches a new product, they always find a fun way of bringing it in front of their audience.

3. Chipotle

If you would skip the top section and go straight to the content, not knowing what company it is, you would think this is a super popular meme profile. Well, it turns out to be Chipotle instead. What we are trying to emphasize is the fact that it is perfectly okay to go entirely against the norm. And if you need proof, you better laugh your ass off while skimming through Chipotle’s posts.

4. Patrick Beach

patrick beach
Patrick Beach is a famous yoga teacher with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. What I find super special about him is the fact of how much time he investest in engaging with his audience. From yoga and travels to family life and food, you will find it all and then some on Patrick’s profile. You are welcome.

5. 9GAG

You probably already found yourself lost in the tens of thousands of posts that 9GAG brings to the table. Their slogan says it best, “Go fun the world.” The engagement that 9GAG receives is nothing short of ridiculous but all for a reason: they know damn well what they are doing.

6. Eliud Kipchoge

kipchoge eliud
If you are into running, then you are very well familiar with the name Eliud Kipchoge. It is the dude who can run a marathon in under two hours. Yes, 2 hours! However, what’s special about Eliud is about how much she tries to contribute to the community, keeping everyone believing in themselves. He might be a runner, but Eliud Kipchoge touches souls from all over the globe, regardless of what they are enthusiastic about.

7. Matty Matheson

matty matheson
The heavily tattooed, hardcore chef, Matty Matheson, might be loud and might be a little out of this world, but that’s what sets him apart from everyone else. He is genuine, he is exactly as he is, and that is why hundreds of thousands of people love him so much. What you will find special about Matty is how much love he gives his followers. Not just that, but he always writes in capitals only. He definitely knows how to grab attention.

8. GoPro

Instead of sharing their own content on Instagram, GoPro primarily concentrates on pushing content brand ambassadors create. In fact, they go a step further and implement outstanding shots of random GoPro fans what lets everyone know how much they care about their community. Another thing you will also notice is how little they actually share the camera itself. You do not always need to focus only on the product.

9. Jason Momoa

jason momoa
While Jason Momoa is a super popular actor with millions of followers on Instagram, it does not really feel he is any different from the rest of us. What I am trying to highlight is that it almost feels like Jason is your friend. He surfs, he climbs, he promotes artists who he likes, he cares for the environment, you name it, Jason is just different.

10. WeWork

WeWork is a company from the USA which provides shared spaces for freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs and other professional individuals. However, we are not here to chat about the company, rather their popular and well-liked Instagram profile. It is the user content that pops on your Insta feed, immediately knowing that it’s from WeWork. While keeping it all professional works, trying the amateur-ish approach should be on your to-do list, too.

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